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    Website publish, Domain name, Office Emails, Digital Connect cards, Company / Product Intro Videos & promotions, Digital media Promotions  at Rs. 1450

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About Us
I) Ease and optimise your Recruitment process.

 Why Job Post in others website, when you have your own website.
 With Employer Registration at www.shinebestjobs.com.
 Presentation Demo for usage of site is below

AVI video link of demo is below


 Use the links to view steps: 
 Website having features like:  

 1) Post your Recruitment Ads Free as User ( Business Email & Website , with clear details of your company operation is required)

2) Having satisfactory email and Website, you can opt for option of upgrading your 'User' account to 'Classic User' Account 

2) View candidates applied.

 3) Digital Media share in Whatsapp, Linkedin, Facebook, Email and others.

 4) Resume search

 5) Use your website link for all your communication for Recruitement JD sharing , in a structured way  rather than using emails.
 6) Interact with candidates using chat application. Available on request.

     And many more.
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